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Since many years, we are proud to promote the savoir-faire of millinery crafters like Celine Robert, Coustilleres, Namjosh,... During these troubled time, we decided to support at the same time the day-to-day work of our nurses and carers in Singapore.

From today until the 5th May, all our online (or by banking transfer) benefits will go to the home nursing foundation.

To know more about the association:
Founded in 1976, Home Nursing Foundation is the oldest and most established charity organisation that provides home healthcare in Singapore. We deliver comprehensive care programmes that are dedicated to our patients, regardless of their income level. From nursing to medical care, to looking after patients' social well-being and other practical needs, we bring care and support into the homes of those in need.

You can find more details here.

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If you want more info about the donation you can pm me (Lise) : +65 9152 5934.


Well few weeks ago, we decided to give our benefit form the 7th April to the 5th May to the home nursing foundation.

We are so glad that our clients supported us in this project.

As promised, we did today to the Home Nursing Foundation in Singapore.

We wanted to thank you again for your support during this troubled time and specially for this Foundation that represents a lot to us.

Those people are really essential for our society, essential for our parents and grand-parents, especially when we are living far away from them.

It is not a huge but hopefully that will help.

Can't wait to see you soon.

Take care and stay strong!

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