Singapore, Bridgerton Society !

Ever since I was a teenager, I ve read a lot of Julia Quinn's book ... Like a lot :-)

Singapore, Bridgerton society

I was a young woman to be, not really self-confident, romantic and facing very tough situations at home where my dad was so sick. Our family life was so insecure and disrupted. My parents, especially my mum, were really role model for me, with their strengths and weaknesses, staying proud, strong and loyal to themselves and to their family.

Singapore, Bridgerton society

But still at that time, I was not able to understand that. And Julia Quinn's books somehow helped me with more lightness, fun and imagination to escape the reality - or more precisely to digest the complex reality: 

1. Life is tough but every minute deserves to be appreciated as a learning experience,

2. True love grows and builds itself every day,

3. There is inequalities and discrimination everywhere: they are sometimes so intricated in your culture, education and social relationship that you even not figure out how it can determine so much your belief and behaviors. The great news is that is not  innate to the human species and as every cultural thing that can be change by communication and education.

4. Being happy is a choice - even so sometimes it is not an easy one.


Singapore Bridgerton society


 Long story short, I was so excited to hear that Bridgerton would be adapted on Netflix and a bit also scared to be disappointed by the final result.

Singapore, Bridgerton Society Singapore, Bridgerton society

As many of us I was (positively) surprised by the audacious bias to reflect the diversity of our world in casting actors and more specially main characters from different nationalities and cultures.

 Singapore, Bridgerton society

One day, I was sharing ideas and coffee with my friend, Anna - a very talented photographer, mum, and senior creative director in a large communication agency - and we were enthusiastic about the last release of BGT 2, very focused on human empowerment, being perfectly unperfect and pushing one step further the cross-cultural mixing.

Singapore, Bridgerton society

And then It hit us like such a true reality can make it.

This whole atmosphere seems like Home, especially these ladies' gathering with so many different beauties and diversity which looked like our daily life,
don't you think?
Singapore, Bridgerton society


Singapore, Bridgerton society

And boom our project was born - Singapore, Bridgerton Society !

Singapore, Bridgerton society

Dear Shonda Rhimes, did you use to live in Singapore somehow ? :-)

Singapore, Bridgerton society


We hope you will love our representation of Singapore Women community, Bridgerton society!

Singapore, Bridgerton Society


Photography and partner in crime: annahomodea
Special thanks A Vintage Tale (avintagetale) for letting us borrow some of your beautiful vintage outfit.


Hats / Outfit : The Girl With a Hat, Celine Robert and Friends


Singapore, Bridgerton society


Singapore, Bridgerton society

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