The Girl with a Hat is engaged to preserve and promote the Millinery Savoir-faire as well as the traditional embroidery expertise in respecting fair work and wages conditions.

Discover our great teams and partners below.


1. About The Girl with a hat's crafters team
(diadems and clutches making)

The Girl with A Hat India Team consists of 7 artisans, 2 tailors and 1 business manager.


The artisans are experts in hand embroidery having learnt the art from their fathers and forefathers.





These artisans are usually the single earning members of their families.


With support from the clients of Girl with a Hat, the artisans are compensated fairly and are able to send their children to school , give their families a sustainable source of livelihood.


Together with the India team, Girl with a Hat has set a new standard in the embroidery industry to respect and compensate embroidery artisans fairly.


Making process

Lise designs the patterns and explains the design ideas to Meha (business manager).

Then Meha translates it to the artisans and works with them to produce the first draft. After Lise's feedbacks, about 2-3 versions of the prototype are developed before getting into the final production stage.


Some designs take as many as 30-40 days to produce right from the stage of fabric selection to final stitching.

The India team would like to say a Big Thank You to all our buyers who appreciate our work and believe in fair pay.


2. About Atelier Fernand Robert - Manufacture of Haute-Facon

An haute-style hat maker based in Coulaines, Atelier Fernand Robert has been producing exceptional hats and headgear for nearly a century.

One of their main brand is Celine Robert Atelier and there are so many reasons why I am collaborating with them.


One, CELINE ROBERT is the French milliner reference, famous for the excellence of its know-how and the creativity of the styles. They are inspiring, modern and elegant.
Two, For over 30 years, CELINE ROBERT makes hats with a strong creative identity. The excellence of its know-how makes her one of the most recognized milliners of its time. In 2011, the company received the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (living heritage business award for craft excellence). Ambassador of “ Made in France”, the company promotes the French exception all over the world.

Three, This is a 3 generation women success started in 1905 in small boutique in Paris to Haute-confection today with a specific expertise in free hand hot modeling. which consists in moudling the hood on a warm steam machine by hand to get the exact shape and details you want. 👭👭