About us


Sometimes "well" is not enough. The Girl with a Hat is a Singaporean brand who represents a crew of French designers & milliners, mainly located in Paris and now in Singapore. We provide hats with elegance, quality and of course, the French's je ne sais quoi
Our designers work for world’s most prominent fashion houses and provide The Girl with a Hat fashion's trends and a selection of original pieces.

They are  Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how. TO DISCOVER. The EPV  label: a synonym of French excellence. Crafts and trades promoted by the EPV label

The mission of The Girl With a hat is to empower men & women with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase confidence, elegance and self love.

So now, how do we create your hat?


If the client doesn't find what he/she wants in our showroom, we will make a drawing or use picture for inspiration and create something bespoke:

  • Find the perfect fit for our client

  • (semi-mesure or sur-mesure)

  • Choose the shape depending on stature, silhouette, colors and materials.

  • Check your inner headband

  • Validate conditions and delay of delivery


Portrait of Nicole Todaro - Milliner
18 years of experience - Maison Michel Paris


Our designer and milliner uses 3 traditional process of handmade fabrication 

  • Moulding

Portrait of Lorenzo Ré - Hat last Maker
20 years+ of experience
Atelier La Forme Paris

  • Sculpture


Demo of Pauline Brosset
Milliner - Hand-Made Fedora

  • Sewing Ribbons

Our hand-made straw hat or different kind of ribbons are assembled piece by piece, sewing by stitch sewing machine of the 19th century. 
You can watch a demonstration by Cheri-Bibi - Hat Maker

3. Delivery & final adjustments

If you are interested in having more details about our making processes, please contact us at contact@thegirlwithahat.com or Lise +65 91525934.